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Czech National Symphony Orchestra







Note: this DVD is in NTSC format (as are the others); however, A PAL format version of the Czech DVD can be purchased directly from the CNSO on their website, or www.



“In every musician’s life, there are certain performances that stand higher above the normal ones as being extra-special events that we will never forget. To have been afforded the initial opportunity to record a CD with the fabulous Metropole Orchestra in Holland was the first. To have been able to perform the entire program of music from this CD with the CNSO was the second. Of course, there have been other performances of these pieces but none as enjoyable as the recent one in Prague. We “jazz” musicians often notice the differences in attitudes between classical and jazz or pop musicians but I was so pleasantly surprised to find the players in the CNSO tobe not only extremely talented as players but also quite friendly and even “head-bobbing” while playing this music. That really adds so much enjoyment to a soloist out front to feel the support and involvement of the orchestra members. The DVD clearly shows these elements. I am so honored and flattered to have been a part of this PROM event. Thanks you to Jan Hasenohrl, Jan Vitek, Jan Hodousek, and the multitude of other staff personnel who made this possible. And to Jan and Miroslav Kejmar, dear friends and trumpeters who incited the idea to CNSO! Forever grateful!”
Bobby Shew

YAMAHA Performing artist

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