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Joerg Kaufmann

Featuring Bobby Shew




Audio Samples:  Jet Song    Cool    One Hand, One Heart


Leonard Bernstein's WEST SIDE STORY is not just a musical. It is THE MUSICAL.

Never before and never after has there been such wealth of music, drama and emotion on musical stage. The mixture of complex musical forms with catchy tunes, the diversity of musical styles and the closeness to the jazz idiom has always inspired jazzmen: progressive big-band leader Stan Kenton or piano giant Oscar Peterson, smooth jazz producer Dave Grusin or sax explorer David Liebman - each musician illuminated totally different aspects of Bernstein's score.

Joerg Kauffman is a progressive traditionalist. His brilliant arrangements are very close to the original score when it comes to musical essence - take for instance the "frenetic fugue" of "Cool". And then he's far away from the original when the tune has been played too often or arranged to death by minor musical craftsmen. And when he is alone with his instruments - take the beginning of  "Maria" - he simply is a great sax player.


For this special occasion Joerg Kaufmann invited American trumpet legend Bobby Shew with whom he toured several times: "For me Bobby Shew is one of the most serious and gifted musicians. Beside his musical abilities I appreciate him as a warm-hearted and open-minded human being. I have learned from him in many ways and I am very proud that he participated in this project."

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