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The Tasting Room

Lou Rovner Small Big Band

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 Audio Samples:  So What?    Wine, Women and Jazz    Petrus


"Wine does more than Milton can To justify God's ways to man"



Wine and jazz have much in common. Just look at the words people use to describe them. Jazz can be exciting, dynamic, smooth, lush, soulful. So can wine. Wine has color, texture, nuances, sophistication. So does jazz.


And the similarities don't stop there.


Wine and music are both expressions of the artists making them, and of the way the artists are influenced by the world around them.


Wine making and jazz making both rely on craftsmanship. Neither wine nor jazz can be of much value unless the maker has studied, learned, practiced, and done a hundred other very unromantic things.


Wine making and jazz making are creative acts. A cart of grapes contains the material for an endless variety of different tastes and feels. A melody contains the material for an infinite number of improvised solos and arrangements. And thus, a great bottle of wine and a great jazz performance are reflections of the creative visions of their makers.


But the most essential element common to wine making and jazz making is love.


No great wine, or no great jazz, was ever made without the loving devotion and commitment of the artist involved in its creation.


The Band


You are about to hear one of the finest bands ever assembled. Collectively, the musicians here have played on thousands of recordings, as well as countless movie and

TV soundtracks. Most of the players have recorded albums of their own. You probably can't go through a day without hearing one or more of these incredibly talented people.


A composer or arranger can only hope that his music is worthy of such greatness.


The Songs


Petrus — This is a tribute to one of the truly great wines of the world, Chateau Petrus. I have tried to capture the wine's beauty, style, finesse and subtleties, along with its refined exuberance. (By the way, Petrus is monstrously expensive, and worth every penny.)


Altered States — Each sip of wine brings more laughter, warmth, friendship and appreciation of all that is good about living. This altered state of consciousness is one of the more wonderful aspects of enjoying a good wine.


September Stomp — This was written in honor of the annual harvest of the grapes     l and the first crush. If you are one of those unique people who enjoy having their hands ripped up and their skin stained purple, this song is definitely for you.



In Vino Veritas — In wine there is truth... and a lot of other stuff too.


Wine, Women and Jazz — This is not really a very good song title, but it's a lot better than "Frozen Beef Pie".


Enigma — A song about the many mysteries of wine.


Waltz For Quasimodo — An imaginary conversation between Esmeralda and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which is interrupted by a phone call from Quincy Jones. (For the true aficionados listening to this song, you may notice that the theme is written in 11/4 time!)

So What — There are only a handful of true giants in any field of endeavor. In jazz, one of these is Miles Davis. This is one of his compositions.

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