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Playing with Fire

Bobby Shew






Audio Samples:  Playing With Fire    Cloud Dance    April Mist


For lovers of classic, trumpets-based jazz, this album will not disappoint.


The Bobby Shew Quintet features two horn players, Bobby Shew and Tom Harrell - both accomplished in their own right. Harrell, perhaps the more dexterous of the two, is famed for a number of recordings, including pianist Mark Levine's album, "Up 'Til Now."


Harrell's speed and harmonic abilities are certainly commendable, as are Shew's. Although two-trumpet bands are not the most original jazz ensembles, the abilities of these two go a long way in making this album a success.


After the lead of the horn men, bassist John Patitucci adds another important extension to the album. His beats feature an almost melodic dimension as they mimic horn leads.


Pianist Kei Akagi plays some dazzling pieces which demonstrate a virtually chaotic, atonal quality at times - especially on the title track. Roy McCurdy, the drummer, keeps time adeptly throughout the myriad signature changes on the disc.


The logistical order of works makes for an appealing listen as well.

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