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"Bobby, you have no idea how often I am still asking myself how SHEW would have done or approached it when I’m in doubt of something. It’s in my DNA and it gives me great confidence to remember what you’ve taught me over the years. It’s ME being a proud student and branch of your school and message."


Till Broenner



"Bringing Bobby in as a guest artist is like having YODA on campus!"

Rocky Winslow / Director Jazz Studies
Calif. State U. - Chico



"It was 31 years ago this summer that I was in the Disney College Band and was out to your house at just about this time later in the summer.  That day really changed the course of my understanding and development as a trumpet player, and I will always be grateful for the kindness and encouragement you showed to me and the other players."

John Hagstrom

Chicago Symphony Orchestra



"Without a doubt, What I learned from Bobby regarding breathing, efficiency, musicality and taste, gave me exactly what I needed to perform two very demanding books consistently on the road for over ten years. Thanks Bobby!"

Michael Bogart
Maynard Ferguson Big Band / Tower Of Power

"Bobby Shew has been a huge influence on me as a player,
teacher and human being. Apart from going over the mechanics of
playing, I learnt so much about just the process of thinking
about trumpet, music and life."

Gianni Marinucci
Australian jazz trumpeter/ recording artist


"I was a student of Bobby in 1982, and I am still a student of his now.
Any advice he gives me about trumpet playing, or music/life, is like Gold to me."

Joe Magnarelli
NYC- jazz recording artist



"I went to Bobby Shew to help my range and endurance, and to help me become a better jazz trumpet player. During our lessons, the main thing he always stressed was to make music for the right reasons, not to just play the trumpet. Through the years, his knowledge has helped me in exponential ways. Thank you for being so caring and giving."

Sal Cracchiolo
Tower Of Power / Clayton Hamilton big band / Poncho Sanchez


"I think that as a teacher, Bobby most certainly has the ability to lead students to think for themselves, teach themselves, and grow as artists. Because of his natural gift for communication and his extensive knowledge in many areas, he's obviously a great resource for anyone looking for the right answers."

Roger Ingram

"Though everyone recognizes that Bobby has great chops and technique, still, what I love most about his playing  are his creativity, versatility, and musicality."
                                                                                                Marvin Stamm

"Bobby was the first person that seriously introduced me to the world of professional jazz trumpet playing when I had no idea what to expect or even play. He taught me how to listen carefully and how to deal with circumstances that can make life difficult for a brass player. Countless recordings I had never heard before he provided generously, since he knew how much they could change my life and playing to the better. I hope many more young players will get a chance to experience what Bobby has to say about the trumpet- it's a lot".

Till Broenner

"I recently had a chance to spend about three hours with Bobby Shew in a lesson situation. His concepts were so simple, practical, and made so much sense demonstrating extreme efficiency in trumpet playing. I can honestly say without a doubt that those were the most valuable three hours I’ve ever spent in trumpet study and I’ve studied with many excellent trumpet teachers. My playing has improved incredibly!!  Thank you Bobby,"

George Rabbai (formerly with Woody Herman Orchestra).




"The trumpet world has many opinions, myths and even some ridiculous concepts on what makes the trumpet tick.
With experience, science, and logic on his side, Bobby Shew has re-educated thousands of trumpeters around the globe to overcome obstacles due to these misguided concepts. I am one of those of players.

Bobby's great playing speaks for itself, but his dedication, passion and success rate as an educator are equally impressive."

Wayne Bergeron

"I have had the pleasure of studying with Bobby since I was 15 years old, and can honestly say that I never pick up the trumpet without thinking about, and applying, the concepts that he has taught me. Besides being one of the most knowledgeable and experienced trumpet teachers in the world, he is also an amazing guy to work with. I can't think of any player, from the most beginning student, to the top-notch professional, that wouldn't value from spending time with Bobby."

Josh Shpak

"When I heard Bobby Shew play for the first time, I turned to my father and said" Dad!!!! I want to play like THAT!!!!!" Since that time Bobby shew has been a dear friend a generous mentor. Words can not express the depth of my gratitude . PS Thanks for letting me 'win' once in a while. "

Greg Gisbert...Freelance Jazz & Lead trumpet player...New York City



"I would recommend Bobby Shew highly to anyone who is looking for a top-notch performer, teacher, and clinician. He is very flexible and willing to cover whatever topics you would like him to address with your students and does it in a relaxed but informative manner. He tailors his charts to the level of your band and they are all written or arranged by the most quality writers. Bobby draws on his experience as a teacher and performer to deliver a tremendous educational experience for you and your students. I wish that all of my guest artists/clinicians had it together the way that Bobby does."


Dr. Michael Flack
Director of Bands / Professor of Music
College of Lake County, Ill.



"When you engage Bobby Shew to mentor students in the art of jazz improvisation or virtually anything having to do with trumpet playing, you get the whole package. He shares his vast experience freely and shows a genuine concern for the welfare and progress of his students. If you also have the wisdom to have him perform a concert at the same time, you get to hear and see why he has so much to offer."


Todd Coolman
Director, Skidmore Jazz Institute
Grammy winning jazz bassist



"Bobby has been a playing and teaching hero of mine for over 30 years. I've had the privilege of firsthand lessons with him and attended MANY of his performances and clinics. He is hands down the best at what he does - all truth, no nonsense, inspiring words and music! I have invited him to appear at DU at the 2004 ITG Conference, the Rafael Mendez Brass Institute and in other guest clinic situations and he always leaves his listeners in awe. Recently he appeared on my H2 Big Band CD playing polished lead on five tracks and sterling jazz solos! What more can I say!! A legend and a genuine caring teacher and individual."


Al Hood
Associate Professor of Trumpet
Denver University



I highly recommend Bobby as a teacher for trumpet, music, improvisation, etc. He's a great musician and truly loves playing jazz. Just take a listen to one of his many recordings. His other passion is teaching. So simply, he's the complete package.


Adolfo Acosta
Tower of Power horns / ex-Maynard Ferguson band



"Bobby, without you I simply wouldn't be here. That's the gospel truth! My chops would've died 10 years ago. Most of all, you are and always have been, powered by the MUSIC! That's very impressive! You always teach that 'MUSIC IS THE BOSS!'. THANK YOU, MEIN HERR! "


Ingolf Burkhardt
NDR Radio Band / Hamburg / Recording artist



"Bobby has been the guiding light throughout my music career. Not just for music/trumpet playing, but he has guided me to become a better man. I owe him my life, he is the ultimate 'Trumpet Guru'!!!!"


Eric Miyashiro



"We brought Bobby to Eastern Illinois University in December of last year for a guest performance with the top jazz ensemble and his visit was fantastic. Not only did he play great, but Bobby has such an easygoing and sincere style with everyone he talks to that he put the students at ease right away."


Andrew Cheetham
Jazz Studies / E.I.U., Charleston, ILL.



"Bobby Shew was one of my most important teachers. Covering not only trumpet specific techniques, but also musicality that influenced my writing as well. And on top of all a great human being."


Chris Walden




"At the after-concert party, my son-in-law ( who was playing in the trumpet section ) told me that he had never heard me play that well before, and he went on to comment on how "fat" my sound was. The first thing I said was, 'I can thank Bobby Shew for that.'

The changes that I have made in my playing since your visit have been quite remarkable. It's ironic that I never paid you a cent for a lesson, nor did I play a single note for you, but I now consider you one of my most significant teachers. I have totally embraced your breathing concepts, and I now play with a more open aperture. These changes have totally impacted my range, endurance, sound, and most of all, my confidence."

Randy Reyman
Director of jazz studies
Millikin University


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