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"Since my obvious opinion is that Kjell Ohman belongs to the definite top section among jazz organ players, I very much wanted to make a recording with him."

Bobby Shew is in his own right a highly respected soloist, a superb lead trumpet player and also a deeply regarded teacher, he explains with clear authority why he is recording with Kjell Ohman with such a pleasure. Bohby Shew is also known in the music business for being hard to please, after playing many years with really creme de la creme in jazz.


"Already at earlier concerts and tours in Sweden with Kjell Ohman I have felt a special feeling of brotherhood, when we are making music together. Kjell really grabs me, so to speak." There is a special atmosphere of honesty in the words that Bobby Shew uses. Being one of the most in-demand musicians in the world of jazz, his clear will of going in to a recording studio with his favorite on the Hammond B3 is a certain proof of what he just has exposed.

As soon as the date for the recording session was set up - a day off during a hectically touring amongst the many summer jazz festivals in Sweden in the year of 2002 - the time was to complete the studio ensemble.

"Talking about the other musicians I asked Kjell to choose the most suitable. Even at this moment it was obvious that he knew exactly what he is doing. Hans Backenroth responds to the highest qualifications you can have on a double-bass player. He executes a solid rhythmic feel and chooses the best notes to support the harmonic movement. Drummers can sometime cause problems; if the drummer is not good enough, I rather prefer recording without drums. With Joakim Ekberg everything fell in place immediately. He is a humble guy and at the same time he plays with an intense swing and a perfect timing. All together I actually think that we formed a rather nice quartet..."

The words come from a very delighted Bobby Shew, after recording this CD during a hot and much intensive Swedish summer day. Jazz is indeed a wonderful way of musical communication, which allows a rather brief meeting to become one hour of much varied and creative music. How does Bobby Shew himself look upon this form of artistic creation?

"If I was asked directly after the recording session, I would not for my life be able to give a proper answer. When you are recording at a situation like this, you have to be totally concentrated and focused on the subject.- But, as it happily showed, if you get the opportunity to interact with fellow musicians who are able to really give their very best, then the result could be as fine as this!"

Bobby Shew ends up very logical, "We really had a ball in the studio. Hope the listeners feel the same at the stereo!"

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