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George Robert Quintet







Audio samples: Terrestris    Soul Eyes    Three And One


"Quite often in my life I've had to' pinch' myself just to see if I was dreaming or truly experiencing something spectacular. When I find myself on the bandstand with players of the calibre of George Robert, I just can't believe I'm really up there playing with him. Everytime I hear him fly effort-lessly thru ANY set of changes, I just shake my head in disbelief. He IS a true 'state-of-the-art' improvisor... as good as it gets. I always have so much fun and learn so much whenever we play together. Doing this recording with him, Jon, Reggie and Peter makes me feel like I'd better 'pinch'. Am I dreaming?"

Bobby Shew



"I first met Bobby Shew in Los Angeles in the late 80's. We started playing together shortly after that and it was magic! His concept and his sound made it so easy for me to blend with him. Bobby is the quintessential musician who has set such a high standard for all of us to follow. His tone is gorgeous, his time is great, he's got it all! He is simply one of the Giants of Jazz and luckily for us he continues to spend most of his time traveling around the globe performing. Bobby also has one of the
greatest senses of humor I have ever encountered! You hear it in his playing, just listen!

Jon, Reggie and Peter are the 'dream team'. They provide such a wonderful feel that you just want to fly from the first downbeat! Are your seat belts fastened?"

George Robert

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